Computational Intelligence Society

Welcome to the Computational Intelligence Society. (See the main page here.)

CIS is an international community of leading practitioners and researchers with very diverse backgrounds but sharing the same interest in innovative applications and further development of CI technologies.

Through more than a decade development, CIS has become a world leading professional organisation in its field. Our technical publications are among the best in the world. According to the latest (2012) Journal Citation Reports (JCR), our flagship Transactions (on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, on Fuzzy Systems, and on Evolutionary Computation) and Computational Intelligence Magazine are all ranked within the top 5% among 465 Computer Science journals based on both the 2-year and 5-year impact factors. Even our two young Transactions (on Autonomous Mental Development, and on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games) were ranked in the top quartile of all the Computer Science journals. While impact factors and citations are not the same as the quality of publications, they are important indicators. As a Society, we are constantly improving our publications further as a service to our members and the community. I would like to encourage all of you to get involved in CIS publications activities, either as an author or a reviewer. A publication can only be as good as its authors and reviewers.

Conferences have always been a primary venue for people to disseminate their latest results timely and to network with peers. They are also excellent places to find out the latest trends and hot topics in a fast developing field such as CI. The 2014 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI'14) in Beijing in July 2014 and the 2014 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI'14) in Orlando in December 2014 are two such events. They are the premier events of CIS where people from different disciplines and backgrounds are coming together. The rich diversity of such a large conference is very unique and helps us to think outside our own narrow areas. I hope to see as many of you in Beijing at WCCI'14 and in Orlando at SSCI'14 as possible. It will be an intellectually stimulating and personally enjoyable event.

There are a large number of Technical Committees (TCs) and Task Forces (TFs) within CIS, which play a leading role in organising various technical activities, from conference special sessions to specialist workshops and conferences, from technology standards to journal special issues. TCs and TFs are not fixed forever. They are set up and terminated depending on the technology development and volunteer involvement. You, the CIS members, are the one who drives the development of TCs and TFs.

CIS has over 100 local Chapters distributed all over the world, which serve their local members. CIS Chapters are run by local volunteers and for the local members. They host Distinguished Lecturers and organise seminars and workshops. They tailor activities towards the needs of the local membership. These are great ways to make new friends and strengthen existing professional links. Every member can approach their Chapter Chairs with new ideas of events and activities. I certainly encourage you to do so.

It is both a privilege and responsibility to serve all of you, the CIS members, as the CIS President in 2014-15. CIS can only be a better place with everyone's volunteering work and contributions. I encourage you to get involved actively in the society activities and to share your expertise and experiences with your colleagues and friends in CI. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any suggestions and advices on improving CIS and promoting CI technologies for the benefits of mankind.