IEEE South Africa Section - Technical Society Chapters and Technical Council Chapters

The IEEE South Africa Section has ten registered technical society chapters and two council chapters.

Each chapter is seen as a sub-committee of the IEEE South Africa Section. The names of those that lead our OUs can be found on our contacts page.

Technical Chapter

AES010/GRS029 (Joint Chapter: Aerospace and Electronic Systems & Geoscience and Remote Sensing)

AP003/MTT017/EMC027 (Joint Chapter: Antennas and Propagation, Microwave Theory and Techniques & Electromagnetic Compatibility)

C016 (Computer Society)

CS023/RA024 (Joint Chapter: Control Systems & Robotics and Automation)

E025 (Education)

ED015/PHO036/CAS004 (Joint Chapter: Electron Devices, Photonics

& Circuits and Systems)

IT012 (Chapter: Information Theory)

IE013/IA034/PEL035 (Joint Chapter: Industrial Electronics, Industry Applications, and Power Electronics)

PE031 (Chapter: Power & Energy)

SP001/COM19 (Joint Chapter: Signal Processing & Communications)

CIS011 (Computational Intelligence)

SMC028 (Systems, Man & Cybernetics)



Council Chapters

NANO42 (Nanotechnology Council)

TMC014 (Technology Management Council)