Huawei-UP-ComSoc 2-day 5G training workshop


The University of Pretoria, in collaboration with the IEEE South Africa Joint Chapter in Signal Processing and Communication, is hosting a 2-day Huawei 5G training workshop on 21 and 22 May 2019 in the Exhibition Hall, Engineering 1 building, University of Pretoria. Delegates can obtain 2 CPD points (ECSA registered Engineers and Technologists). Delegates will also receive a Certificate of attendance at the end of the workshop (T&C apply).


The workshop will include the following:


  1. 5G Driving Force and Industry Trend (0.5 Day)


1.1 Mobile Service Develop Trend and Application Scenarios

                3 Application Scenarios Of 5G

                8 Key Capabilities Of 5G

1.2 5G Protocol Standardization And Current Progress

                5G Protocol Standardization And Progress

                Spectrum, Chip, And Terminal Readiness

1.3 5G Global Commercial Plan

                Global 5G Commercial Use Progress

                3 Phases Of 5G Service Development


  1. 5G Network Architecture and Service-based Network Slicing (0.5 Day)


2.1 5G Slicing Technology

                Classification and Segmentation Principles of Slices

                4 Enabling Technologies of Network Slicing

2.2 Design and Application of Network Slice

                Typical Slice Application Scenarios

                Slice Design And Drill

2.3 Slice enable -5G network Architecture Standardization

                Progress of Slicing Standardization

                Application And Practice of Global Operator Slicing


  1. 5G Service Application and Business Model (0.5 Day)


3.1 5G Business Value and Development

                5G Business Development Forecast

3.2 5G Business Applications and Cases

                MBB Service Business Application

                WTTx Service Business Application

                Smart Grid Services Business Applications

                IoV Services Business Applications

                UAV, Smart Manufacturing Services Business Applications

3.3 Discussion on 5G Business Model


  1. 5G E2E Network Evolution Training On Key Technologies (0.5 Day)


4.1 5G Wireless Network Technology And Evolution

                5G New Air Interface And Comparison With 4G

                5G Wireless Network Architecture And Cloud-based Evolution

4.2 5G Core Network Technology and Evolution

                5G core network architecture

                Networking of the 5G NSA and SA

4.3 5G Bearer Network Technology and Evolution

                5G Bearer Network Requirement & Solution


Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 06:30 to Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 15:30





Address 1: 

Engineering 1 Exhibition Space

Address 2: 

University of Pretoria


Engineering building 1