Key differences between IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) Chapters and IEEE Student Branches

The differences stem from the roots. The IEEE-HKN is a honour society and this defines the difference shown below:


Key differences between HKN Chapters and Student Branches (SB)
  IEEE-HKN student Chapter IEEE Student Branch

Governing body

IEEE - Educational Activities Board (EAB)

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA)


Careful selection + initiation procedure Willing participation

Membership fee

 Once-off USD70 gives lifetime HKN membership and 1 year of IEEE membership Standard IEEE student membership fee

Financial support

None at the moment (need to apply to Section)

To encourage you to complete the Annual Activity Report, IEEE Headquarters provides an incentive allotment of US$100.00 (if your Branch has more than 50 members), or US$50.00 (if your Branch has less than 49 members). Additionally, IEEE provides an incentive rebate of US$2.00 per student member at your Branch (based on your membership on 31 December of the previous year). Details can be found here.