Publishing Technology and Organizational News


The IEEE is a leading publisher of news related to electrical, electronic, telecommunication and many other domains. The leading scientific work for the fields is usually published in IEEE Transactions specific to IEEE Societies and Technical Counciles. The more popular articles are usually published in IEEE Magazines specific to the same. The field-specific news may be published in Newsletters published by many of the IEEE Societies. 


In South Africa, there is a number of technology news agencies which could be used to publish popular articles about locally important technology new. A short list is aailable here:

* EE Publishers (EngineerIT, Vector, Energize, Position IT)

* ITWeb

* TechCentral

* MyBroadband

* Brainstorm Magazine

* SAIEE WattNow



When writing about IEEE supported activities and events, it is advisable to submit articles not just to the above but also to 

* Region 8 Today (fast lane news)

* IEEE Region 8 Newsletter (publications about events and practices)

* The Institute (publications re IEEE beyond Region 8 boundaries)

* The Bridge (for HKN news)


to the news of the organization (university, company) you work for.