Reporting for Chapters, AGs, SBs, ...

Reporting for Chapters and Affinity Groups

Via VTools at , namely using

«« vTools Officer Reporting

«« vTools Events (Meetings)
«« vTools Meetings Reporting (L31)


The requirements are listed at For example, a Chapter is required to have at least 2 technical events per year. Note: Chapters also have a Technical Society "parent."  Each Society has different reporting requirements (or may have no requirements at all).  Contact your Society officers for more information.


Reporting and resources for Student Branches (SB)

or via VTools at

under "vTools Student Branch Reporting"


Student services / resources



IF YOUR STUDENT BRANCH CHAPTER HAS A RECORD ON VTOOLS EVENTS, then the following should also be done for each event reported:

Go to

Sign in


Click "File a Report for a Past Event"

Click "My event is not yet in the system" (or "My event is already in the system!", if it was pre-registered)

While filling in the details, you may need to find and set your organizational unit as the host for the event.
It would be under HOST tab.

It may be the simplest to use Browse:
- Select "Child OUs" for R8
- Select "Child OUs" for R800 (if needed)
- Select "Child OUs" for your Section
- Select your SBC if available
- otherwise, Select "Child OUs" for your university
- Select your SBC