Training programs for students and professionals

There are a number of IEEE programs which can help to sharpen the real world skills for students, young professionals as well as mature professionals. In most of them, it is possible to get a speaker/tutor to talk about / guide a group through a particular topic. The IEEE pays for the main flights and many other expenses necessary for running such events. Here are some of the most commonly used programs:
1) IEEE Region 8 Professional Speakers (catering for both students and professionals)
to talk about
  • Personal Skills: Creativity, Self-Confidence, Self-Motivation,etc
  • Influence Skills: Leadership, Project Management, Organizational etc
  • Relationship Skills: Customer Relations and Communications
  • Product Skills: Quality Control, Marketing, Assesment, Innovation, Concepts etc
  • Writing Skills: Technical Paper/Proposal writing, Project Proposal, Reports of Projects etc
  • Oral Skills: Presentation skills, Speaking, etc
  • Employment: International Careers, Employer Requirements etc
  • Entrepreneurship: Business Models, Creating Products, Running a Company etc


2) IEEE MGA Student Professional Awareness (SPA) Program (for students)


The program is funded by MGA Student Activities Committee (SAC). It works as follows: when a professional development event is being organized, co-organized, or hosted by an IEEE Student Branch, the branch fills the application form and sends it to MGA SPA. After evaluating the application, a funding amount is approved and dispatched to the relevant Section. It is up to the Student Branch to use the amount as needed. Up to USD1000 easily available.

3) IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (DL) and IEEE Distinguished Speaker (DS) programs
In these programs, IEEE offers highly specialized speakers, whom are specialists in their fields and are able to speak about the respective technical subject well. Nearly every Society and Councl of IEEE has its own DL (and sometimes also DS) program. A list is available here: 
A step-by-step guide how to invite and host a DL is available here: 


Technical and non-technical video tutorials and overviews around different topics (from 5G to how to review or how to write an article). Link:
5) IEEE Volunteer training opportunities