IEEE Funding

The IEEE can offer funding. Usually this would be for 
  • technical/professional/social events/conferences
  • humanitarian activities associated with technological innovation
  • student travel grants
The key overall requirements usually include
  • membership in IEEE
  • for Society-specific funding, membership in respective IEEE Society or technical Council (e.g. IEEE ComSoc or IEEE AP-S)
The priority is normally given to the IEEE members with track record of activities (especially IEEE activitiies, such as organizing events)
There is IEEE Region 8 (Africa, Europe and Middle East regions) funds for low-income students to attend conferences:

and a number of other IEEE grants:
  • IEEE Region 8 Voluntary Contribution Fund (VCF): up to USD1,000
  • EPICS in IEEE: US$1000-US$10,000
  • IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee: US$20,000- US$100,000
  • IEEE MGA - IEEE Student Transition & Elevation Partnership: up to US$500
  • IEEE Standards University – Student Grants: up to US$500, plus extra for faculty
  • IEEE Student Enterprise Award: up to US$1500
  • IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE): up to US$750
  • IEEE New Initiatives Committee: up to USD40k for seed funding and US$100k or more for new initiatives
  • Technology-specific initiatives:
  • IEEE EMC Society, Bob Haislmaier Angel Program: up to US$600 p.a.
  • IEEE Circuits And Systems Society Student Travel Awards: up to US$2000 (total for several students) and Pre-Doctoral Scholarship of US$25,000 and travel grant of up to US$1000
  • IEEE Control Systems Society Outreach Initiative
  • IEEE Smart Village
  • etc.

For example, the IEEE ComSoc also has some student travel grants:
specifically for students attending major ComSoc conferences (e.g.
GlobeCom and ICC).


Recommended approach in getting funding

The IEEE usually has MANY entities focussed on achieving similar goals. Thus, on the example of Women In Engineering (WiE) initiative:

1) Contact the relevant entities, 

a) IEEE WiE:
b) IEEE SC Women in Computing:
c) IEEE Region 8 WiE:
d) IEEE South Africa WiE:
and request funding contributions from them. In the applications (to be sent to the Chair of respective units), you will need to let them know
- what the event will be, 
- where and when it will be,
- what you intend to procure,
- how much you require.

2) If co-funding from Section is requird: Once the above is done and you got responses, you can send a motivation+details to the IEEE South Africa Section (including copies of those responses). 



In South Africa, the IEEE is a member of NTSF proSET. Thus, the llocal IEEE units may also apply to NSTF proSET (when proSET sends out calls for proposals, usually around July-August). From 2016-17 experiences, the money are on the order of tens of thousands, but the application form is very short and easy. Example of a call is availble here: .